Dogs and Pets Weighing Scales

UMATECH SCALES, India’s Leading Veterinary and Animal Weighing Scales Manufacturers in Tamilnadu. WE AT UMATECH SCALES OFFER EXCELLENT WEIGHING SCALES & EQUIPMENTS FOR BOTH PETS & ANIMALS.

UMATECH SCALES -Leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Veterinary scales & Animal Weighing Scales in Tamilnadu, INDIA. Our Veterinary Weighing Scales includes a wide variety of designs and sizes to meet your specific needs & Suitable for Weighing Purposes like Animal Weighing scales, Livestock Weighing scales, Poultry Weighing scales, Macheri Sheep Weighing scales, Chicken Weighing scales, Goat & Sheep Weighing scales, Cattle Weighing scales, Emu Weighing scales, Cows Weighing scales, Horse Weighing scales, Domestic Animals Weighing Scales, Pets Weighing Scales, dog scales, cat scales, equine scales, exotic animal scales. Our Special Designed Scales includes dog scales, cat scales, equine scales and exotic animal scales, Pomeranian Dog, White Yorkshire Pig, German Shepherd Dog, Thalassery Goats & Lambs, Toyger Cats, Sheep Breeds, All veterinary scales are tested and calibrated and feature a full manufacturer’s warranty.


Umatech Dogs Weighing Scales

Dogs and Pets Weighing Scales


Umatech’s Animal Weighing Scales are easily available at very reasonable price in market. Our animal Weighing Scales are highly in demand due to their unmatched quality and unbeatable price in market. These are duly tested by by our experienced professionals on various quality parameters. As well as Veterinary Scales are Necessary for so many reasons. Not Just for a veterinarian in there office but on the farm to weigh hogs, nursery pigs, alpacas, sheep, goats or other livestock. At home to keep track of the weight of your cat or dog. Umatech Scales, offer a wide range of Cattle Weighing Scales. Weighing scales reveal your weight status that can be compared to the weight of others of same height and structure and thus make judgments over whether you are under or overweight, and whether you are recovering or worsening from a disease. We offer weighing scales which has been procured from reliable vendors across the globe. Durable and sturdy these weighing scales are available in standard as well as customized models. Our range is used in various industries especially in medical field. These are available in compact designs and competitive prices.


Umatech Pets Weighing Scales

Pets Animal Weighing Scales


No matter what type of Veterinary weighing scales are required, UMATECH SCALES offers the best compromise between price, quality and durability as UMATECH Weighing Scales rightfully achieved its position as India’s leading weighing company by putting the needs of their clients and their animals first and foremost. These are duly tested by our experienced Weighing Scale professionals on various quality parameters. They are developed with the help of the best available technology and efficient procedures. They are offered in different specifications, sizes, shapes and designs. Veterinary Scales are highly in demand due to their unmatched quality and unbeatable price in market. We are leading Animal Weighing Scale manufacturers and suppliers in Tirupur, Coimbatore, Erode, Salem, Namakkal, Madurai, Kerala, Tuticorin, Pondicherry, Cochin, Trichy.


UMATECH SCALES -Leading Animal Weighing Scales Manufacturers in Tamilnadu. We at Umatech Scales Offers Excellent Quality & Best Pricing Weighing Scales & Equipments For Both Goats & Sheep With International Standard of Quality.