UMATECH SCALES – Best Price, Excellent Quality, Accurate & Economic Weighing Scales Manufacturers.

Need an Accurate Weighing Scales @ Economic Cost then, ‘UMATECH’ is the ideal Brand for you to Choose. UMATECH SCALES, is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Economic Weighing Scale which is basic requirement of any shop, commercial or business establishment. Our Economic Weighing Scales are available with different technical specifications to suit different demands of our huge and diverse client base. The Economic Scale is designed as per new technology and design which ensures precise measurement and long life of our scale. This long lasting and sturdy scale has placed us among the leading Economic Weighing Scale manufacturers and suppliers based in Tirupur, Tamilnadu.


UMATECH SCALES, Economic Weighing scales are widely used in shops to measure the commodities with perfection. Our manufactured scales are manually operated and therefore can be used even when there is a power failure. We are sure that a trial will convince you the quality of our weighing scale products with most competitive price. Its Mostly Used for the Purposes of General Weighing & Piece Counting Purpose.




Platform Sizes (mm)  

175 X 225

Capacity 3 / 5 Kg 10 / 20 Kg
Accuracy 500 mg (0.5 gm) 1 / 2 gm


Highly Portable, Easy to Carry & Use, Strong & Well Designed, Rechargeable Battery Backup, Piece Counting Options, Auto Zero.
Features Attractive Sleek Design with Multiple Weighing Modes, Highly Resolution with Quick response time, Economical & Affordable Prices.

* Recommended for General and Retail Weighing Shops.

Suitable for: General Weighing, Bakery’s, Retail Shops, Postal & Parcel Weighing, Piece Counting & Retail Segments.


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